It is believed by some that…

Hippalus, a Greek navigator and merchant was captain of the Greek explorer Euxodus of Cyzicus’ Hippalus discovered the direct route from the Red Sea to India over the Indian Ocean by plotting the scheme of the sea and the correct location of the trade ports along the Indian coast.

Some believe that Hippalus discovered not the route but the monsoon wind also called Hippalus (the south-west monsoon wind). Connection between the wind and the navigator was based on common pronunciation: in the Hellenistic Era the name of the wind was written as Hypalus, only in Roman times did the spelling Hippalus come into use.

Hippalus was probably the first (in the west) to recognize the north-south direction of India’s west coast. Only someone who had this insight would think crossing the Indian Ocean might be a faster way to south India than following the coastline.

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